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Save time and money on prescription refills in the Northwest

AUG 05, 2016
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If you take prescription medication regularly, our mail-order pharmacy service is a quick and convenient way for you to get your refills.


An option that fits your schedule


Ordering is quick and easy. You can order your refill online or use our mobile app.


No trip to the pharmacy is necessary. We’ll deliver your medication through the mail.


Speedy delivery with no shipping cost


Most orders arrive in just 2 to 3 days, though some refills may take a little longer. To be safe, allow for a week to process and deliver your order. It probably won’t take this long, but it will help make sure you don’t run out of medication.


Saving you money


When ordering a 90-day supply of medication, most Kaiser Permanente members get a 3-month supply for the cost of a 2-month supply.


With the money you save, you can indulge in a few kale smoothies, buy a new pair of running shoes, or save up for a vacation.


Register and order your refills today at


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