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Health apps and online tools get superpowered in a connected system

Posted: JUL 1, 2019

What is integrated care?

It’s care and coverage — so it’s different than your other options. Caregivers, hospitals, and health plans all work together to provide you with high-quality care and better outcomes. At Kaiser Permanente, our incentive is to keep our members healthy, not earn more money when they’re sick. We focus on preventive care, chronic disease management programs, and systems that support convenient, efficient care.

Flu season is in full swing, and you’re home sick with your annual bout of bronchitis. Or you’re stuck at work when you realize you have a urinary tract infection. While you can’t anticipate all your medical needs, it’s now easier than ever to connect to care when you need it with email, phone, and video appointments. But who are you connecting to?

When it comes to telehealth, the quality of your connection goes beyond your internet speed. If your health plan outsources to a third party, you’re left doing part of the work. When you’re sick or in pain, the last thing you want to do is spell out your entire health history. What if you forget to mention your high blood pressure? Or the name of the medicine you had a bad reaction to escapes you? A health app isn’t truly convenient if it’s disconnected from your health history.

In an integrated system, all your caregivers are connected to your electronic health record. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can give you personalized care because they can see your health history, medications, and allergies. Whether you choose to connect by phone, video, or email, you’ll be talking to someone you can trust.

Where everybody has a shared stake in your health

With a complete picture of your health, it’s easy for your care team to do what’s best for you. You can get the care you need wherever you are.

Teams that know your needs

Get care 24/7 from doctors and nurses who can see your health history and talk to your personal doctor.

Faster ways to get care

Get quick answers from your doctor by phone — no need to fill out extra forms or sign up with another company.

Follow-up options at your fingertips

Use the app or go online to view lab results, email your doctor’s office with nonurgent questions, or schedule your next visit.

Your life, your health, and your care — all connected

Choose how to fit care into your life, with support that’s available from day one.

Get personalized care anywhere with
Kaiser Permanente

No matter how you choose to get care, you’re connected to a team that can see — and update — your electronic health record.

Choose a partner that puts you first

Get a health plan that works for you - and care that fits your life.

Are you losing your coverage? We’ll help you keep the same great care. Learn more

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