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See how a clinical trial helped Heidi Hayes through treatment for breast cancer.

Exploring new ways to improve your care

We’ll never stop searching for new and better ways to support your total health — and sharing our discoveries with the world.

Shaping the future of medicine through research

As one of the nation’s most productive research institutions, we’re always rethinking, measuring, and evolving the way we deliver care and treat illness. That means you get treatment that’s based on the best information available — and care that’s always improving.

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    research centers across the nation

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    studies underway in 2018

  • 1,660

    articles published in 2018

Kaiser Permanente research highlights

We’ve published more than 1,200 articles on this topic since 2007, which together have been cited nearly 75,000 times. And research published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2018 showed that Kaiser Permanente is a leader in reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke.

Kaiser Permanente researchers study many aspects of cancer, including screening programs, the role of genetics in cancer risk, and developing new treatments. For example, in 2018 we published a study that showed a decline in deaths from colorectal cancer since we launched our screening program. And the National Cancer Institute recently awarded several health care organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, $32 million to improve screening in lung, colon, and cervical cancer screening.

As one of the largest providers of HIV care in the United States, our research has informed policy and practice to help people live longer, healthier lives. Kaiser Permanente researchers hold leadership roles in the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, the HIV Medical Association, and the American Academy of HIV Medicine.

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Expanding treatment options through clinical trials

Clinical trials test and evaluate new ways to prevent and treat health problems — and in many cases, save lives in the process. Many of the most effective, cutting-edge treatments in medicine are the results of clinical trials. Kaiser Permanente members have a unique advantage — our electronic health record system maps their treatment histories with current, relevant clinical trials designed to tackle serious illnesses.

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Developing new ways to optimize care

At our Garfield Innovation Center, our teams explore new care solutions through hands-on simulations, prototyping, and testing. Successful initiatives evolve into pilot programs at Kaiser Permanente facilities across the nation — and sometimes even around the world.

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Re-imagining the care experience

Many of our facilities use human-centered design to make care even better and more efficient, with features like:

  • More options for checking in — online, in person with a receptionist, or at a kiosk in the waiting area
  • On-site pharmacies, laboratories, imaging departments, and observation spaces
  • Wall-mounted displays linked to tablets to show X-rays and lab results

Training the doctors of tomorrow

The Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine offers more than a conventional medical education. It immerses students in the Permanente Medicine approach to care — and prepares future physicians to become collaborative, transformative leaders who help communities thrive.

Learn more at medschool.kp.org

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