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Women's Hereditary Cancer Risk Clinic

Women at high risk for cancer are invited to participate in the Cancer Risk Clinic at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. 

You have already taken a big step by learning about your genetic risk for cancer. Knowing your risk lets you arrange specialized care to help lower your chance to develop cancer and to find developing cancer as early as possible. The medical decisions you face related to your cancer risk are complex. It can help to have input from a team of specialists. The Cancer Risk Clinic saves time by having all the specialists you need in one place. It also provides you with more coordinated care and consensus opinions for your treatment plan. Our team works together with you and your family to personalize your cancer screening schedule and address all aspects of risk reduction options.

This program is for women newly diagnosed as high risk through the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Genetics Department, as well as those who seek follow-up care. Women who are coming from outside of Oakland can be seen for an initial consultation. We will share our recommendations with breast surgeons at your home facility.

Kaiser Permanente Hereditary Cancer Program