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Proud Clinic

PROUD is a multi-disciplinary pediatric gender care clinic where, after consultation and referral by a gender therapist, youth and families meet with a team of transgender care specialists from different disciplines for the purpose of beginning medical transition.

Our team

Pediatric Endocrinology: Our endocrinologists provide medical information about puberty blockers and gender affirming hormones to youth and their parents and when indicated, initiate and manage hormone treatment.

Pediatric Gynecologist: Our gynecologist provides youth and families with information about fertility and options for fertility preservation, birth control, and places puberty blocking implants in youth who prefer the implant to injections.

Adolescent Medicine: Our adolescent medicine doctors talk with youth about sexual health, nutrition, high risk behaviors, and substance use, and provide treatment as needed.

Mental Health: Our gender therapists provide support and information related to social and medical transition, family readiness and acceptance, and any mental health concerns.

Child Psychiatry: Our child psychiatrist provides consultation for youth who are on psychiatric medications and considering a puberty blocker or gender affirming hormone.  Dr. Erwin also provides consultation and treatment to youth who need a psychiatric medication to help alleviate mental health symptoms that are interfering with functioning or emotional well-being and which have not been well managed with therapy alone.

Nurse Coordinator: Our nurse coordinator provides clinical case management and injection teaching.

Pediatric Social Worker: Our pediatric social worker provides community resources, school advocacy, and help with legal name/gender marker change.