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    MAY 06, 2022

    8 travel tips for staying healthy this summer

    As the days grow longer and the weather heats up, summer is the perfect time to hit the road for an adventure. The last thing you want on your travel itinerary? Getting sick. Whether you’re hopping on an international flight or car camping, here are 8 travel tips to help you manage your health while you’re away from home. ... Read More >

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    NOV 01, 2018

    Reduce stress this holiday season

    Dinners, holiday parties, cookie baking, shopping, traveling … ‘Tis one of the busiest and most stressful times of year! But don’t worry. We’ll help you ditch any anxiety you may have — so you can fully enjoy the festivities. Here are 5 ways you can ease your mind and stay healthy. ... Read More >

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    JUN 08, 2017

    Plan for your healthy summer adventure away from home

    Whether you’re planning a cross-county road trip, flying abroad, or preparing for a trip to grandmother’s house, make sure you include your health in your travel check-off list. While you may not be able to predict illness or injury, you can definitely take several precautionary measures to help protect and ensure your health and that of your loved ones. ... Read More >

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    JUN 08, 2017

    Your healthy vacation how-to list

    Summer brings opportunities to revisit old haunts and explore new territories. To relax and fully enjoy your vacation, it helps to know that you’re prepared for anything. Planning ahead with a health care checklist will help ensure a safe and healthy trip for you and your loved ones. ... Read More >

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    JUN 30, 2016

    College and health coverage: What you need to know

    Whether you or a family member is headed to college, an internship, or another opportunity, preparing to live away from home means a long to-do list. Does yours include health coverage? ... Read More >

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    APR 06, 2016

    Planning to be away from home? We’ve got you covered.

    Going on a weekend getaway, a long journey, or leaving for college? Here’s how to get the care you may need while you’re away. ... Read More >

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    NOV 09, 2015

    New service to help you while you’re away from home

    Traveling can be full of surprises and uncertainty — getting care shouldn’t be. Our new Away from Home Travel Line is available to help make accessing care, services, and information a bit easier while away from home. ... Read More >

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