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    JUL 24, 2019

    Don’t let your child lose sleep to technology

    The season of sun and fun is winding down, and before long, kids’ meandering schedules and summertime sleepovers will be replaced with regimented schooldays and weeknight routines. It can be a tough transition, and proper sleep will become essential — but not just for structure. Children and teenagers who get a full night’s sleep will also properly grow and develop both physically and socially, among other health benefits. ... Read More >

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    SEP 24, 2018

    Confronting teen depression in Georgia

    Whether elated or upset, teens tend to experience a wide range of emotions. But if the teen you love seems stuck in a period of prolonged sadness, irritation, or anger, it may be time to consider if they’re depressed. ... Read More >

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    OCT 10, 2016

    The first gynecological exam: 5 tips for teen girls in Georgia

    Girls and young women go through amazing changes during their adolescent and teen years. As they approach adulthood, they often have new questions and health concerns. During this time, it’s helpful for young girls to have guidance to help them develop great health habits. ... Read More >

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