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  • Fit Your Thing_THUMB
    JUL 29, 2016

    Fit Your Thing: Fitness and Activity A to Z

    Do things that you love to do, and you’ll never feel like your workout is work. Choose at least 1 from each activity type to get the full health benefits of your fitness routine. ... Learn more >

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    FEB 17, 2016

    Winning nutrition for spring training in Georgia

    As the warm-weather sports season approaches, parents can help their young athletes succeed with a game plan for good nutrition. ... Learn more >

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  • KP-Thumbnail
    JUN 30, 2015

    Fitness for life and health

    You’re built to move. Being active helps you be healthier and stronger — and feel your best — at every age. Getting 30 minu... Learn more >

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  • KP_Jan-StayingActiveinCold_300X300
    JAN 19, 2015

    Achieve your dreams

      When it’s a challenge to find time... Learn more >

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  • KP-Feb_Skiing-Injuries_300x300
    JAN 19, 2015

    Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries

      What is an anterior cr... Learn more >

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  • KP-Feb_Fitness-core_300x300
    JAN 19, 2015

    Fitness: Increasing core stability

    Increasing your core stability means making the muscles of your trunk stronger to keep your spine and body stable. This helps you stay balanced when you move. ... Learn more >

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  • KP_Jan-StayActive_300X300
    JAN 12, 2015

    Get moving, keep moving

    It’s always a good time to start a fitness routine — or change one that’s not working for you anymore. Whether you’ve set a new goal to live a more active life or you’re trying to stay motivated, the key is finding activities you love. When you love what you’re doing, you’re more likely to make time for it, no matter how busy you get. ... Learn more >

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  • KP_Jan-FitnessClothing_300x300
    JAN 12, 2015

    Fitness clothing and gear

    Some activities require specific gear, and learning about buying gear is your responsibility as you learn the sport or activity. Always use the safety gear recommended for your chosen activity, such as a helmet and knee pads. Learn about the use and proper fit of such safety equipment. ... Learn more >

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  • KP_DEC_2014_Team-Activities-300x300
    NOV 25, 2014

    Be a team player

    Some people prefer solo exercise, but for others, fitness is a team sport in which everyone wins. Playing with kids helps them learn good fitness habits and you keep the fun in your routine. And training with friends and family can keep you going when you’re ready to quit. ... Learn more >

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  • KP-Sports-Hydration_300X300
    NOV 18, 2014

    Sports-related dehydration

      Most people lost as muc... Learn more >

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