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    MAY 08, 2018

    Nurse navigators: With you every step of your journey in the Northwest

    When Portland-area real estate broker Kathy Allen closes a sale, she likes to give a gift to the new homeowners. ... Learn more >

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    DEC 18, 2017

    A Northwest member’s Facebook post leads to a cancer diagnosis and recovery

    As a professional health and wellness coach, Shelly Gonzales knows that her clients, friends, family, and even strangers look to her Facebook page for inspiration to help them eat right and stay active. One post dramatically changed her life — and potentially others’. ... Learn more >

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    JAN 18, 2017

    Improving heart attack recovery in Northern California

    You probably know that a heart attack is a life-threatening event. At Kaiser Permanente, developing and enhancing lifesaving treatments for heart attacks is one of our proudest achievements. Based on our extensive experience, as well as the latest research, we’re constantly finding new ways to increase survival rates and improve recovery for our patients. ... Learn more >

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    DEC 20, 2016

    Rescuing the rescuer in Northern California

    As first responders, firefighters are used to being the ones who help others in an emergency. But when firefighter Chris Gauer was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer of the vocal cords, his physician rallied a team of Kaiser Permanente specialists to help him. ... Learn more >

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