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    DEC 05, 2016

    Stress Less This Holiday With These In-Season Produce Coloring Pages

    Stressed about the holidays? What about picking the right winter produce? Luckily, we’ve found the solution for both of your winter woes with a series of coloring pages. Click the images for the full-size coloring page to download, print, and enjoy! ... Read More >

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  • KP Fiber - THUMB
    FEB 12, 2016

    Tasty ways to get fiber in your diet

      Eating a high-fiber diet is thou... Read More >

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    SEP 16, 2015

    Eat well to live well

    Start the holiday season off right with an action plan for healthy eating.   How ... Read More >

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    SEP 08, 2015

    Learn how to help prevent holiday weight gain

    Want all the holiday cheer without the extra holiday pounds? Join us for the Preventing Holiday Weight Gain Online Workshop (Northern California). This live online class will give you the tips and tricks you need to enjoy your favorite comfort foods in healthy moderation. No registration or fees are required to attend. ... Read More >

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    SEP 08, 2015

    Do your diabetes homework

    When you were in school, homework might have seemed like a chore, but it was necessary to build and maintain your knowledge of the materials. The same can be said for learning about a chronic condition such as diabetes, with the payoff being a better quality of life. ... Read More >

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  • super-foods
    AUG 03, 2015

    10 superfoods that pack a nutritional punch

    Healthy eating is a snap when you plan ahead and fill your fridge and pantry with these nutritional powerhouses. ... Read More >

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  • KP_fatherson_thumb
    JUN 09, 2015

    Make today mindfully balanced

    It can be hard to take time out of your busy life or exercise, but you’ll thank yourself when you do. And, remember, staying in shape doesn’t have to be boring –keep it fun to stay motivated. ... Read More >

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  • KP-Thumb
    MAY 18, 2015

    Calcium for strong bones and a strong body

    Daily Dietary Reference Intakes for calcium are: children 1 to 3 years old: 700mg children 4 to 8 years old: 1,000mg teenagers 9 to 18 years old (including girls who are pregnant or breastfeeding): 1,300mg adults 19 to 50 years old (including women who are pregnant or breastfeeding): 1,000mg adults 51 to 70 years old: 1,200mg for women and 1,000mg for men adults 71 years old and older: 1,200mg Postmenopausal women and adults 65 years and older should get 1,500mg of calcium daily. Postmenopausal women also have a harder time absorbing calcium (estrogen helps increase calcium absorption) and may want to ... Read More >

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  • Healthy_eating_THUMB
    APR 29, 2015

    Healthy eating

    Hungry for ways to eat well and stay healthy? When you learn how to choose your food wisely, you’ll find yourself with increased energy, improved mood, better weight control, and a strong line of defense against many diseases. ... Read More >

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  • Eat_less_salt_THUMB
    APR 29, 2015

    Eat less salt

    You may know that too much sodium can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure. But did you know that almost everyone should watch their salt intake? ... Read More >

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