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Your personal action plan for prevention in Colorado

MAY 17, 2017
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Preventive care is a key step in taking charge of your health, but it can be hard to remember which screenings, exams, and vaccinations are due. A simple way to manage your preventive care is to check your personal action plan at*


Your personal action plan uses your medical history to determine the preventive services you need, then presents them in a clear, comprehensive list. You’ll find information about any ongoing conditions you have, along with the status of your BMI, cholesterol, and blood sugar. The following preventive services, and whether you need them, will be included as well.




Your doctor can help you determine which vaccinations are best for your health needs. Once your provider puts the recommendations in your electronic health record, they’ll automatically show up in your personal action plan. Help protect yourself and your family from avoidable illness by staying up to date on these shots.


Heart attack and stroke risk assessment


When you get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, your health care team can use that information to determine your risk for heart disease. Knowing your risk — no matter how high or low — can empower you to make smart choices for your overall health. Make blood pressure and cholesterol checks part of your annual wellness exam.


Cancer screening tests
Preventive cancer screenings can help your health care team detect certain cancers early, when they’re the most treatable. The screenings you need are determined by your age, gender, and family history. They can include tests for breast, cervical, colon, or prostate cancer.


Breast cancer screenings are essential for women, especially when there’s a higher risk due to family history or other factors. For men, it’s crucial to get regular colorectal cancer screenings. If you have a family history of cancer and haven’t had any screenings, check with your doctor to see if starting early is a good option for you.


A little prevention goes a long way


Taking care of yourself requires some attention, but staying on top of your preventive care can keep you and your family happier and healthier. Fortunately, your personal action plan is there to help you. Learn about the preventive care guidelines in your area at, then find out your personalized recommendations at


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*These features are available to members who receive care from Kaiser Permanente physicians.

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