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“Thriving After 60” in the Mid-Atlantic States

Have fun and get active as part of our healthy community

February 2021
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The Thriving After 60 (TA60) community is dedicated to keeping its members mentally and physically healthy—and having a good time in the process. You’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded friends at our interesting virtual and in-person* events and workshops, which focus on supporting the changing health and wellness needs of those over 60. Our activities are designed to help you maintain your health and energy, and stay connected with the community well into retirement.


*In-person events based on necessary COVID-19 response.


Our workshops and events include:


  • Virtual dance parties: Show off your favorite dance moves while our DJ spins all the latest hits and blasts from the past.
  • Chair yoga: We’ll show you how to use a basic chair to do some yoga poses and stretches and give you and introduction to yoga.
  • Mindfulness: Learn techniques for mindful meditation and understand how you can incorporate this into your daily life.
  • Tap into stress relief: Tapping can help you focus on a problem and harness your body’s energy to alleviate your pain and help you handle stress.
  • Life care planning: Learn how to build an advance directive document with your wishes for medical care.
  • and much more

To register online and get more information, go to We hope to see you soon.


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