Round-the-clock care in Colorado

FEB 17, 2016
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The answers you need, any time of day or night


When you’re not sure what type of care you or your loved ones need, you can call our appointment and advice line at 303-338-4545 or 1-800-218-1059. Our advice nurses are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Good advice is just a phone call away


Sometimes illness and injuries happen outside of your doctor’s office hours.


It’s late Friday night, and your son sprained his ankle playing football. Or you might find out that your infant is running a fever at 2 a.m. Maybe you’re a first-time mom in your first trimester of pregnancy, and you’re experiencing stomach pains.


You may wonder if you need to go to the hospital, visit an urgent care facility, or make a same-day doctor appointment.


Where do you go for guidance? Straight to your phone. When you call the advice line, the nurses on call know just how to help.


Together, you and the advice nurse can decide what type of care is best for the situation at hand. They can even offer you options such as a physician phone appointment, a trip to an urgent care facility, or a same-day appointment with your doctor.


So, if you or your loved ones need care, call our advice line anytime for the answers and guidance you need.



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