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New online tools now available in Colorado

APR 11, 2017
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You may have noticed some recent changes to the “My Health Manager” feature on If you’ve used this feature before, you’re probably already familiar with the “Appointment center,” which lets you make and track your appointments. Perhaps you’ve used “My message center” to email your doctor, or viewed your lab results.


We recently added some new tools to make getting care even easier. While the other features in the center will stay the same, you’ll now enjoy more ways to manage your health care online. Read on to learn about these new tools and how you can access them.


View your provider’s notes
As of last November, you can review the notes your Kaiser Permanente provider took during your last visit. One study showed how much it helped people stay connected.


“Patients understood their care better, and they did a better job of taking medications as prescribed,” says Mark Groshek, MD, medical director of the Digital Experience Center for Kaiser Permanente.


Save time and effort with e-visits


If you’re not feeling well, an e-visit can offer quick recommendations for relief. During an e-visit, you’ll complete an online questionnaire. A nurse will then look at your answers and decide whether you need a doctor visit, a prescription, or another course of action.


“It’s like having a telephone appointment with a nurse, only it’s a questionnaire at,” says Dr. Groshek.


Visit the “Appointment center” to see if you’re eligible for an e-visit.


Chat with a doctor online


You can also use the new online chat feature to get answers to your specific health questions. This tool connects you with a Kaiser Permanente doctor in real time, saving you an unnecessary trip to the doctor’s office. To try an online chat, go to “My Health Manager” and click the “Chat” button.


Access to act for a family member*


If you’re a member with a relative who needs you to manage their care for them, you’ve already been able to do so on As a result of recent changes, you no longer have to be a member.  Regardless of your membership status, you’ll be able to sign in to their online health manager to track their prescriptions, make routine appointments, email their doctor, and more.


To learn more


It’s easier to learn new digital tools when you’re feeling well. So we recommend you take a moment to explore these new features soon. If you have questions or need help, contact the site manager.


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*The “Act for a family member” function allows parents and/or legal guardians to access their child’s online electronic health record and exchange secure messages with their child’s health care team. Access to a child’s record is subject to state law. To help ensure the privacy of your child’s personal health information, parents must sign on with their own user ID and personal password each time they use the feature. A parent must be a Kaiser Permanente member registered on to act on behalf of a child member.

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