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Know how to deal with back pain?

FEB 17, 2016
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The facts of back pain


You bend over to pick up the laundry basket and — ouch! — suddenly you feel your back locked in a painful spasm. Or maybe you twist just a little too far reaching for a touchdown pass in a game of backyard football.


Chances are, you’ll experience minor back pain at some time in your life. The good news is that these minor issues can often be managed at home. But first, test your back pain knowledge here:


  • Should you apply heat or cold?
    . Ice first. For the first 2 to 3 days, apply ice to the affected area. After that, if it’s not swollen, use a warm pack.
  • True or false: You should lie still in bed.
    A. False! Avoid bed rest, which can actually slow your healing.
  • Activity can ease your pain.
    That’s right! As soon as you can, start taking short walks on flat surfaces every few hours. Only go distances that don’t cause you pain. As you feel better, add to your program to keep building strength.

Minor back pain often goes away on its own. But if your pain is severe or isn’t getting any better, call your physician. Explore pain management options and learn more about back pain.

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