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Join us at the Hawaii Seniors’ Fair and get your flu shot

The flu is a serious illness that can put you at risk for severe complications. It’s also highly contagious. To protect yourself and your loved ones, it’s important to get a flu shot each year.


If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member on Oahu, you can get your flu shot early at the Hawaii Seniors’ Fair: The Good Life Expo.


Flu shots and more at the Hawaii Seniors’ Fair


The Hawaii Seniors’ Fair is offering no-cost flu shots to adult Kaiser Permanente members. If you join us at this event, you can also:


  • Get helpful health information
  • Attend seminars on Friday and Saturday
  • Learn about the resources available to you on
  • Register on so you can take full advantage of our website

Event details


This year, the Hawaii Seniors’ Fair: The Good Life Expo will take place at:


Neal S. Blaisdell Center

The Pikake Room

777 Ward Avenue

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


The event will be open Friday, September 22, through Sunday, September 24,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.


How to get the most from the Seniors’ Fair


If you’re thinking of getting your flu shot at this event, you’ll want to come prepared:


  • Bring your Kaiser Permanente identification card.
  • Be ready to show your photo ID.
  • Wear a short-sleeve shirt to expose your upper arm for the flu shot.

If you’d like to save time, remember that Friday morning is typically the busiest time for flu shots. You can avoid long lines by planning your shot in the afternoon or later in the weekend.


If you can’t join us


If you’re unable to attend the Hawaii Seniors’ Fair, call your local Kaiser Permanente facility to schedule an appointment for your flu vaccine. You can also visit for more information on flu shot clinics near you.


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