Join our autism research project in Northern CA

NOV 09, 2015
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More than 250 families with children on the autism spectrum have already enrolled in Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s Autism Family Biobank since it opened in July.


The biobank is gathering genetic material from 5,000 member families and linking it to their medical records to help undertake urgently needed research on autism spectrum disorders.


Member families with a child up to age 26 on the autism spectrum will be contacted directly about how to donate a blood or saliva sample from both biological parents and the child. They will also be asked to complete 2 short surveys. (All data collected is fully de-identified to protect member privacy.)


Tracey Bullock, a member who also serves on Kaiser Permanente’s community advisory board for autism research, says hers was one of the first families to join the new biobank.


“It’s a great opportunity to pay it forward for other families down the road,” says Tracey, whose 6-year-old son was diagnosed with autism. “We feel strongly that it’s our responsibility to contribute to research.”


“Our goal for this new research biobank is to create a one-of-a-kind scientific resource that can help guide the development of effective autism treatments,” says Lisa Croen, PhD, director of the Autism Research Program at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland.


Dr. Croen says families with a child of any age with autism who want to participate don’t need to wait to be contacted. They are welcome to sign up on the study’s website, email, or call 1-866-279-0733.