Two small children brush their teeth.

Give your kids a lifetime of healthy smiles in the Northwest

FEB 07, 2018
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We all know how hard it can be to get kids to brush and floss. Whether you try coaxing, reasoning with them, or even threats of tooth decay — sometimes it feels like nothing works.


That’s why Kaiser Permanente is offering fun, animated videos that encourage kids to enjoy taking care of their teeth. These short cartoons feature a lovable cast of furry characters, with tips to get (and keep) a healthy smile.


In the first video, “How to Keep Your Teeth for Life,” an adorable raccoon brushes his teeth as the narrator sings:


“To keep your pearly whites for life,

Brush them daily, brush them twice.

Don’t forget to floss every day

To keep the nasty germs away.”


The series educates kids of all ages about healthy dental habits. And future videos will tackle a wide range of dental health topics.


We’ve also created a catchy brushing soundtrack. The song is 2 minutes long, so kids can use it to time their toothbrushing.


While supplies last, your children can visit any of our dental offices, family medicine, pediatrics, or ob-gyn locations to grab stickers featuring characters from the videos. Companion coloring books are available in our dental offices, but you can download them in PDF form at


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