Weight management tools are closer than you think

JUL 10, 2017
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When you’re juggling a busy schedule, maintaining a stable weight can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are great resources available to help you meet and maintain your goals. All you really need is to know where to look.


Check with your health plan


Many health plans offer tools to help you maintain weight within a range that’s healthy for you. These resources can include exercise videos, goal trackers, meal planners, and more.


Not only that, your health plan may also offer classes that explore the connections between mind, body, and lifestyle. These sessions can help you create a sustainable eating plan, form good exercise habits, manage stress, and improve your overall health.


Look into healthy workplace programs


Your employer might have a wellness program. These typically include activities like walking groups, fitness challenges, or healthy recipe swaps. They may even offer incentives to encourage you to reach your goals.


If you don’t find a wellness program that interests you, try starting one. Whether it’s a stair-climbing club, afternoon dance breaks, or happy hour hiking, you can build new friendships with your co-workers as you cheer each other on.


Join community activities


It doesn’t take an expensive gym membership to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Check the calendar at your local park or community center for fitness classes, sports teams, and other activities. Coffee shops, libraries, and health food stores also host bulletin boards listing free activities, as do local networking websites like Meetup or Nextdoor.


If you prefer going solo, smartphone apps and podcasts are a great way to go. In just a few moments you can download ways to work out, visualize your goals, manage stress, learn nutritious recipes, and more.


Now that you know where to look, you’ll find a bounty of resources within easy reach. Have fun exploring the ones that work for you.


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