Get appointment reminders by text in the Mid-Atlantic States

JAN 05, 2017
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When life gets busy, it can be all too easy to lose track of upcoming appointments. To make it easier to stay on top of your health, you can now opt in for text message reminders.*


We’ll send these messages to your mobile phone to remind you about upcoming primary care (adult) and physical therapy appointments. While you can still check the KP mobile app or to view upcoming appointments, these texts will remind you at a glance when you have a visit coming up.


How text reminders work


Once you opt in, you’ll get text reminders 3 days before your scheduled appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment, you can respond directly to the message. You’ll just need to enter the 3-digit code included in the text you receive.


The benefits of getting notified by text


With text reminders, you’ll enjoy:


  • An easy way to remember upcoming appointments, even when life gets busy
  • Fewer missed appointments, meaning less time spent rescheduling
  • The ability to cancel appointments by sending a text

How to opt in for text reminders


There are 2 ways you can opt in for these reminders:


  • When visiting a Kaiser Permanente medical center, ask the reception staff to set you up for appointment reminders by text.
  • When calling the Medical Advice & Appointment Center at 800-777-7904, ask the representative assisting you.

If you decide to opt out


There are 2 ways you can opt out of getting text reminders:


  • Call Member Services.
  • Reply to your most recent text appointment reminder with the word “STOP.”

 Note: If you already get text messages about your prescriptions, you’ll keep receiving them. They’re part of a separate program and unrelated to your appointment reminders.


For more information about the text reminder program, go to


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*Text reminders are only available for members who schedule appointments for adult primary care or physical therapy and who are at least 18 years old.


†Kaiser Permanente does not guarantee the successful delivery of each text message (SMS) to each individual recipient. The service depends on the individual cellular and mobile phone carriers to deliver SMS messages to each recipient. There may be a charge from the cell phone provider to receive SMS messages. If you do not wish to receive an associated charge, please confirm with your carrier there will be no charge, or do not sign up for the Kaiser Permanente text messaging service.

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