Does your plan for college include health care?

MAR 07, 2017
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Springtime brings a special kind of suspense — when college applicants eagerly watch their mail and email for that all-important letter of congratulations. From there, the planning phase can begin: the type of housing they’ll choose, how they’ll handle expenses, and so on. As you and your aspiring student plan for college, you’ll want to include health care on the list.


Your choices for their health coverage will generally depend on where they attend school. Plan ahead to assure they can access the care they may need, and refill eligible prescriptions before they leave for school. Their coverage should include routine care, which includes checkups and flu shots, as well as support with mental health, sleep issues, and infectious disease.


By taking a little time now to understand the available options, you can help prepare them for a healthy college experience.


If college is in an area served by your health care plan


Is your son or daughter headed to school in one of your health care plan’s service areas? You may be able to keep them on your plan. Even in a service area different from yours, your health plan may offer most of the same services your child is used to receiving close to home. Check with your health plan for details.


If college is in an area not served by your health care plan


In the event that your student goes to school outside of your health care plan’s service area, consider signing them up for a student health plan through their college. Check with the school to learn about their plans, what they cover, and what they cost.


When you keep them on your family plan as well, they may be able to stay in touch with their existing care team while they’re away. They may also be able to get care with these providers when they come home to visit. Check with your health plan for details.


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