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A new partnership to serve your community in the Northwest

AUG 10, 2017
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As part of our commitment to serving you in the Northwest, we’ve been proud to develop school-based health centers and neighborhood clinics in your area. By joining Concordia University, Trillium Family Services, and Portland Public Schools in the 3 to PhD program, we’re now taking community care to a new level.


The 3 to PhD program was developed under the shared vision of bringing education, prevention, and greater health care access to the Portland area. A key part of the initiative is the new 3 to PhD Wellness Center, a comprehensive medical and dental facility located at the Faubion School and Concordia University.


Expanding health care availability


The 3 to PhD Wellness Center will initially provide Faubion students with a full range of primary care, dental, plus mental health and wellness services. At later dates, care and services will expand to the schools’ faculty and staff, then to Faubion families.


As long as you’re eligible for this program, you’ll be able to get care whether you’re a Kaiser Permanente member or a nonmember without health coverage.


A growing movement in Northeast Portland


3 to PhD is an initiative led by Portland Public Schools, Concordia University, and Trillium Family Services. Kaiser Permanente recently joined the program as part of our mission to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.


While we’ve funded and staffed many community projects, the 3 to PhD partnership takes preventive care to a whole new level by addressing the educational and social factors that contribute to overall health.


Nurturing healthy communities


With the new wellness center located at Faubion Elementary School and Concordia University, Kaiser Permanente providers can now better address how access to basic needs (like food, shelter, health care, and safety) can affect the health of students and their families.


By improving education and addressing the needs of these students, we aim to help break the cycle of generational poverty in Portland’s Northeast neighborhoods.


Learn more about this healthy partnership.


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