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6 tips to lift your mood and stay positive

APR 23, 2019
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A traffic jam, a missed deadline, a disagreement with a friend — all of these things can cause stress. And impact your mood. It can be hard to stay positive when your day isn’t going as planned, but just like strengthening your muscles, building a positive mindset takes practice.


To start, try adding a healthy dose of positivity to your day. Even simple changes can make a difference. Here are 6 ways you can lift your spirits.


Start each day with a positive affirmation

Start your morning strong with 1 or 2 positive lines, such as “I believe in myself” or  “Today I will learn something new.” While it may feel odd at first, saying affirmations aloud or silently to yourself can help you feel centered — and provide a purpose for your day.


Turn setbacks into learning moments

Encountering a setback, whether it be a criticism at work or an unexpected change in plans, is frustrating. One way to cope? Reframe it. If you have a setback, ask yourself a question: “How can I make the best of this situation?” or “What would I do differently next time?” Another question to ask: “Will this moment matter a year from now?” That can help you look at the bigger picture. So, instead of letting a setback derail your mood, learn from it and see it as an opportunity for growth.


Break negative thought loops

If you catch yourself in a negative thinking loop, stop and focus on something in the moment that’s physically present in your environment. Go outside, enjoy a walk in warm weather, and find something that makes you feel appreciation or gratitude — a blooming flower, a bird singing, or a beautiful view. You might be surprised at what’s around you.


Try a new routine

Breaking a pattern or your normal routine can be tough. But trying a new activity can often bring joy and a sense of accomplishment — and help you get out of your head. So, sign up for a new workout class or set aside time each day for an activity you enjoy.


Listen to music

Need a mood booster? Turn up the music. Listening to music can not only improve your mood, but can also help reduce anxiety. Play your favorite upbeat songs when you go on a run, sit in traffic, or clean your house. Sing along to stay motivated — and to have fun.



Just the act of smiling (even to yourself) has positive benefits. And smiling can improve the moods of people around you as well.


You can do lots of little things to brighten your day — which can add up to big improvements in your mood. Learn more about the power of optimism.


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