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Living well is being well. We think good health happens around the clock, not just in a doctor’s office. So do the 4.4 million of our members who used our online and mobile tools to manage their health anytime, anywhere.

Here are some tips and inspiration we’ve put together for you:

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healthy lifestyle

Looking to de-stress, relax, and recharge? Try napping.

Sleep is essential for our overall health. It gives our mind and body time to relax and recharge. Studies show that getting…Read Article >

A hand holding a swab and vial


3 things to know about at-home DNA testing kits

About 1 in 5 adult Americans have already taken an at-home genetic test — and it’s easy to see why these kits…Read Article >

A happy family celebrates the holidays


Stressed about seeing family for the holidays? Here are 7 tips to help you cope.

Whether it’s the fear of another political argument with your uncle or feeling the absence of a loved one who passed —…Read Article >

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  • Smiling older women in workout clothes stretch outside
    JAN 17, 2022

    6 warning signs of a heart attack in women

    Heart attacks are often stereotyped as something that happens to older men, not women. But heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States.1 Yet only about half (56%) of women know this.1 ... Read More >

    TOPICScardiac careheart attack preventionHeart Healthpreventionwomen's heart health

  • Two people look at a smartphone
    JAN 17, 2022

    Long-term COVID-19 symptoms: What you need to know

    If you’ve had any new or lasting symptoms since recovering from COVID-19, you may have what doctors call “post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC),” or “post-COVID conditions.” Also known as “long COVID,” it can include a range of symptoms that continue after the initial COVID-19 illness ends. ... Read More >


  • Happy couple walks outside
    JAN 17, 2022

    7 ways to show someone you care

    Small acts of kindness can have a big impact. Not only does offering support to your loved ones show you care, but you can benefit from it, too. Studies show that helping others can reduce stress, increase happiness, and even help you live longer.1,2   ... Read More >

    TOPICSDepressionhealthy lifestyleMental Health and Wellness

  • Young woman looks thoughtful while sitting on couch
    DEC 08, 2021

    Feeling stressed from making decisions? Here are 4 tips for dealing with decision fatigue.

    Day after day we’re faced with many decisions both big and small — from what to wear and eat to bigger life decisions that involve family, money, and more. So, it’s not surprising that the stress of constant decision-making can wear on our mental health. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of making another decision, then you may be experiencing decision fatigue. ... Read More >

    TOPICShealthy lifestyleMental Health and WellnessStress Management

  • A hand holding a swab and vial
    NOV 12, 2021

    3 things to know about at-home DNA testing kits

    About 1 in 5 adult Americans have already taken an at-home genetic test — and it’s easy to see why these kits are so popular.* You get a kit shipped to your home, swab the inside of your cheek, mail in your DNA sample, and get lots of information on your family history and health a few weeks later. ... Read More >