Open enrollment answers are coming to the Mid-Atlantic States

OCT 10, 2016
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This is the time of year to check and see if you have the right health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family. It’s also a great time to find out if you can save on health care costs for 2017. As your partner in health, we’re ready to help you with these decisions.


Dates to remember


When you’ll need to start making your decision will be based on factors such as your employer type.


  • Private companies typically start their open enrollment programs on September 1.
  • Federal government employees will choose their 2017 health care providers on November 14.
  • Medicare annual enrollment begins October 15 and runs through December 7.

Be on the lookout for events at work


If you get health coverage through your employer, your human resources department will soon arrange informative events to help you learn more about your coverage options.


Your workplace may host an open enrollment presentation where you can learn more about Kaiser Permanente from one of our representatives.


Other employers set up tabletop meetings. At these events, you can stop by a Kaiser Permanente table to pick up brochures, speak to representatives, and ask any questions you might have.


No matter what kind of event your employer chooses, we look forward to talking to you about your options during the open enrollment season.


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