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Happiness is a healthy choice

AUG 07, 2014
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One Kaiser Permanente physician shares her belief that happiness can be good for your health. Read below for her thoughts and reflections on how to find happiness in the day to day.


Happy people choose their attitudes and behaviors every day. Since the beginning of 2010, I’ve been practicing happiness.


With a family and busy practice, it would be easy for me to be stressed and anxious. Instead, each morning, I deliberately plan to focus on and enjoy the moments that give me pleasure.


Many of these moments occur when I am with my family and friends, telling them I appreciate them. Creating and noticing small pleasures turns my day into something special.


And contrary to what we might think, it isn’t extraordinary events, but rather the ordinary ones, that matter most.


I recently noticed a nurse in Labor and Delivery who was caring for my patient during labor. She spoke with compassion, and used her eyes and her touch to reassure the new mom. Her upbeat attitude and warmth were infectious. She made me want to be in her sunlight. As we talked, it was clear that her attitude wasn’t accidental. She chose to be positive.


Doctors tell you to apply sunscreen. I’m suggesting you also apply these practices every day: intention, appreciation, and giving. It’s good for your health.


Learn how your attitudes, moods, and behaviors affect your health.

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