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Make today mindfully balanced

JUN 09, 2015
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It can be hard to take time out of your busy life or exercise, but you’ll thank yourself when you do. And, remember, staying in shape doesn’t have to be boring –keep it fun to stay motivated.


Celebrate summer

This month, skip the gym and get active outdoors instead. The fresh air and scenery can help energize and inspire you. And the options are almost endless.


Go local

Take the opportunity to explore your city or town. Play Frisbee at the park, take the bike around the neighborhood, or roll out the yoga mat by a lake (or beach).


Pack your snacks

Plan ahead for healthy munching by bringing along fruits, nuts, and other light treats. For example, one cup of grapes is only 100 calories.


Make a splash

Drink water instead of soda or juice to stay hydrated under the sun. The extra calories from all that sugar can lead to weight gain.


Lose weight


Reaching a healthy weight is about more than a number on a scale — it’s about feeling your best, inside and out. Our tools range from a complete personalized weight loss plan to a simple food diary, so you can get exactly what you need to support your weight loss goals.


Get a personalized weight loss plan

HealthMedia® Balance® helps you get motivated, gain confidence, and overcome the challenges of losing weight. It offers resources such as exercise videos, goal-tracking tools, recipes, and more.


Find your Balance® today.


Keep a food diary


A food record can help you see your eating habits as they are now so you can make smart changes to how you eat. In fact, a Kaiser Permanente study found that keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss.


Download a food diary to track your eating. (PDF)


Podcasts for support wherever you are


Our relaxation programs for weight loss and self-confidence, as well as audio programs about fitness and nutrition, let you get a quick dose of motivation through your MP3 player.


Download audio programs for weight loss.


Portion size tool

Are you so used to larger portions that you’re not sure how many calories you’re eating? Use our tool to discover the actual serving size for some popular foods.


What does a serving of pasta or other food look like?

Is your weight increasing your health risks?


As your body mass index (BMI) gets higher, you have a greater risk of some diseases, including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, some cancers, and type 2 diabetes.


This tool uses your BMI, along with your waist measurement and other factors, to estimate your risk of weight-related diseases.


Learn whether your weight increases your health risks.


How many calories did you burn?


You’re using energy all the time, even at rest. This interactive tool estimates how many calories you’re burning as you go about your day.


Calculate the calories you burn during exercise and everyday activities.



Reviewed by: Kate Christensen, MD, March 2013

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