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4 everyday ways to eat smart

FEB 27, 2015
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Healthy eating made easy


Help control your weight with these four everyday tips.

    • Add a fruit or vegetable to every meal. Enjoy apple slices with breakfast. Pack a snack of grapes in your lunch. Add a serving of broccoli to your dinner. You’ll benefit from the vitamins and minerals this extra serving of health contains, and your stomach will be satisfied by these filling foods.
    • Drink more water. Your body needs this essential nutrient. Plus, drinking water is a good way to manage your hunger rather than reaching for unhealthy snacks. Let thirst be your guide for fluid intake, but you’ll need more if you are active or are in very hot or very cold climates.
    • Avoid foods with high amounts of fat, sugar, and salt. Foods high in these three ingredients alter the brain’s chemistry in such a way that makes you want to overeat them. Former FDA commissioner David Kessler, MD, calls this response “conditioned hypereating”: “conditioned” because our desire to eat these foods becomes automatic, even when we’re not hungry; and “hyper” because we eat these foods in excess, often unable to control how much we eat.


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