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You have questions, and we have answers.  Welcome to DocTalks. These short videos have been created to help you get the information you need.  Hear from Kaiser Permanente doctors and experts as they answer some of your most frequently asked questions. Speaking of questions, we want to hear from you.

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DocTalk Videos

Mental health resources for Colorado Members

Laura D. Patke, Psy.D., talks about the many different types of mental health care available in Colorado.
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Recursos de salud mental para miembros de Colorado

William Rodriguez Cartagena, doctor en medicina (Medicine Doctor, MD) y psiquiatra de Kaiser Permanente, habla sobre los diferentes tipos de atención de salud mental disponibles en Colorado.
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Cáncer de colon

Jesús Hermosillo Rodriguez, MD, Oncólogo y Hematólogo de Kaiser Permanente Colorado da una plática en español sobre el cáncer de colon y pruebas simples para prevenirlo.
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Colon cancer screening

Kyla Krofta, MD, a Kaiser Permanente family medicine physician, talks about colon cancer and simple tests to prevent cancer.
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Pandemic Brain & the workforce

Nicole Stelter, PhD, LMFT talks about what pandemic brain is, how it can impact your workforce, and gives some tips on what employers can do to support employees.
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