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A closer look at celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

What you need to know about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. If you and gluten just don’t “jive,” you can rRead Article >



Deductible Plan Glossary

Here are some common terms that can help you understand your deductible plan.Read Article >

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Exercise & Weight Loss

Play it safe: Prevent sports injuries

Exercise is good for you and your family, but you can injure yourself, and more than half of all sports injuries occur...Read Article >

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  • A businesswoman uses a tablet.
    AUG 05, 2016

    Have your prescriptions delivered in the Mid-Atlantic States

    With all of the demands that daily life presents, it can be challenging to squeeze in pharmacy trips — especially to refill ongoing prescriptions. To make things easier, Kaiser Permanente offers home delivery for your refills.* ... Learn more >

    TOPICSHome Deliverymail-order pharmacyMid-Atlantic Statespharmacy

  • A doctor and a woman smile at a toddler playing with a toy.
    AUG 05, 2016

    Protect yourself from the flu in Colorado

    Did you know that there are different strains (or versions) of the flu virus each year? That’s why it’s a good idea to get your flu shot annually — to protect yourself from the strains most likely to hit each season. ... Learn more >

    TOPICSColoradoFluflu shot clinicsflu shots

  • A little girl clutching a teddy bear smiles at her doctor.
    AUG 05, 2016

    Get your no-cost flu shot at the Hawaii Seniors’ Fair

    The flu is more serious than the common cold, so you should do everything you can to prevent it. Getting a flu shot each year is the best way to protect yourself and those around you. ... Learn more >

    TOPICSFlu SeasonFlu shotHawaiino-cost flu shotSeniors' Fair

  • Dozens of race participants run down a tree-lined, city street.
    AUG 05, 2016

    Launch into fall fitness in Georgia

    Fall in Georgia is an excellent time to rethink your fitness routine. The cool, mild weather makes for an ideal opportunity to get outdoors and get moving. ... Learn more >

    TOPICS5kfallfitnessGeorgiaKaiser Permanente

  • A pharmacist holds out a pill bottle.
    AUG 05, 2016

    Save time and money on prescription refills in the Northwest

    If you take prescription medication regularly, our mail-order pharmacy service is a quick and convenient way for you to get your refills. ... Learn more >

    TOPICSconvenient caremail-order pharmacyNorthwestprescription refills