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A closer look at celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

What you need to know about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. If you and gluten just don’t “jive,” you can rRead Article >



Deductible Plan Glossary

Here are some common terms that can help you understand your deductible plan.Read Article >

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Exercise & Weight Loss

Play it safe: Prevent sports injuries

Exercise is good for you and your family, but you can injure yourself, and more than half of all sports injuries occur...Read Article >

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  • A woman exercises with resistance bands.
    SEP 07, 2017

    4 ways to beat stress in Colorado

    Juggling work demands, family needs, and other responsibilities can take its toll. If you feel yourself getting tense or overwhelmed, do yourself a big favor by addressing it as soon as possible. ... Learn more >

    TOPICSColoradoMental Health and WellnessStress Management

  • SEP 07, 2017

    When Georgia caregivers need care, too

    Whether you’re taking care of aging parents, a spouse with an ongoing condition, or a seriously ill friend, caregiving can be deeply rewarding. But it can also be one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have. ... Learn more >


  • A red ribbon adorns a doctor's white coat.
    SEP 07, 2017

    Join us for World AIDS Day in the Mid-Atlantic States

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over 1.2 million people in the United States are infected with HIV.* Because symptoms aren’t often present in the first few years, roughly 15% of those who are HIV-positive are unaware that they have it. This is why it’s important to get tested regularly, no matter what your background or lifestyle might be. ... Learn more >

    TOPICSHIV AwarenessMid-Atlantic StatesWhole HealthWorld AIDS Day

  • An arrow-shaped sign on a facility lawn reads,
    SEP 07, 2017

    Visit a walk-in flu shot clinic in the Northwest

    Did you know that there are different strains (or versions) of the flu virus each year? That’s why it’s important to get your flu shot annually — to protect yourself from the strains most likely to hit each season. ... Learn more >

  • Two young women talk on a row of bleachers.
    SEP 07, 2017

    Find your words to help someone with depression

    For someone living with depression or another mental health condition, supportive friends and family members can make all the difference. You can’t take your loved one’s depression away, but you can give them support, encouragement, and hope. For a person living with mental health issues, simply knowing that they’re not alone can make a big difference. ... Learn more >

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