Father of 2 becomes certified personal trainer after back injury

Posted: Oct 14, 2022

Physician at Kaiser Permanente Roseville sports medicine helps patient return to an active lifestyle.

In 2012, Micah Kasman, a graphic designer, was managing a photo shoot for his company when he got injured.

“I was trying to get the perfect shot before sundown,” he said. “Without prepping my body, I picked up some furniture, put it down, and pulled my back immediately.”

He then saw a few different medical professionals who helped him with pain management.

“I had steroid injections in my back and physical therapy, but nothing really resolved the problem,” Kasman said.

In 2014, his first daughter was born. Because of his injury, Kasman found it hard to be an active parent, including holding and playing with her. These problems persisted after his second daughter was born in 2018.

After consulting with his doctor, it was suggested he turn to sports medicine treatment. “I realized I needed the help of sports medicine to get me through these issues so that I could become more active in my life and with my family,” he said.

Kasman visited the Roseville sports medicine facility, where he met Craig Ziegler, MD.

Dr. Ziegler is really engaged with his clients and goes more in-depth to let you know what is happening in your body,” he said.

Focusing on the basics of training back injuries was the way to go with Kasman’s care, notes Dr. Ziegler. “So, not just focusing on core strengthening, but also how he’s moving and bending with certain positions.”

Besides regular visits with Dr. Ziegler, Kasman went to physical therapy and saw a personal trainer who help with his athleticism. “I had an integrated experience, he said. “Dr. Ziegler and the physical therapy department worked together on my case.”

While he continues to receive maintenance care when minor issues occur, his overall health has improved.

Through his experience, Kasman also developed a love of learning about the science behind how our bodies work and move. He is now a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer.

“He changed from the guy trying to improve his overall health to now helping others,” Dr. Ziegler said.

Meet the team

The Kaiser Permanente Greater Sacramento sports medicine team consists of sports medicine physicians Susan Joy, MD, Gloria Rho, MD, Jason Brayley, MD, and Craig Ziegler, MD, who specialize in evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal issues related to sports, exercise, and activity and sports-related concussions; Jamison Green, MD, who specializes in sports medicine & arthroscopy.

Visit KP Greater Sacramento sports medicine website for more information.