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Healthier outcomes

When you’re dealing with a serious health issue, your health becomes the center of your world. That’s why you’re at the center of everything we do at Kaiser Permanente. You get excellent care from top-notch doctors across a wide range of specialties to keep you at your best. Listen to members tell inspiring stories of great care in their own words — and see how we deliver world-class care for healthier outcomes.

In their own words: member stories

Each patient is unique. A few of our members share their journeys.

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A critical illness and the journey back

Excellent care — with you at the center

From the moment you walk through our doors, you can rely on high-quality care that’s built around you. Whether you’re here for a visit with your personal doctor, a trip to an emergency department, or a scheduled screening, we’re working to get you the right care at the right time in the right setting. And if we find something serious, our connected system helps get you to a specialist more quickly, for better results.

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Surrounded by world-class doctors and care teams


of specialists across more than 100 specialties and subspecialties, all connected on the same electronic health record system — working together to deliver better care for you

Surrounded by world-class doctors and care teams

Our highly trained, experienced doctors and clinical teams start supporting you before you’re even diagnosed. Because they’re all connected to a shared electronic health record system, it’s easy for them to consult each other on important health decisions. And together, your team can start building a personalized plan based on what you need — and what matters to you.

Did you know? We’re one of the nation’s largest multispecialty groups, with specialists in oncology, cardiac care, joint replacement, and much more. Our doctors not only come from top training programs — they’re also dedicated teachers and researchers.

At our modern facilities, you’ll have the support of a committed team delivering excellent care just for you. You’re not like anybody else, so your treatment will be tailored to your personal needs.

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Getting industry-leading treatment


members have donated DNA samples to the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank, an ongoing effort to learn how genetics affects health1

Getting industry-leading treatment

Your treatment is based on the best information available. That’s because we’re one of the nation’s largest research organizations outside universities and government. So when we identify better ways to treat illnesses, we share them with our doctors. That means Kaiser Permanente specialists have access to the latest best practices — our industry-leading approach to care.

In addition to being at the forefront of groundbreaking research, we’re a leader in clinical trials for cancer. These trials have led to new, effective ways to help prevent, detect, and treat diseases. That includes:

  • a new therapy for lung cancer patients that trains their immune systems to attack cancer cells directly
  • frequent text message reminders to help women with breast cancer keep up with their daily medication regimen

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Recovering faster and feeling healthier

21%lower opioid prescription rates

By cutting opioid prescription rates, we reduced post-op complications by 33%2

Recovering faster and feeling healthier

From the operating room to the comfort of your home, you can expect great treatment through your entire health care journey — we’re here for you the whole way. Your personal doctor stays connected with your specialist and involved in decision-making throughout your care experience — so they know what you need when you’re done with treatment.

When it comes to recovery, the old way of doing things after surgery was fasting, bed rest, and narcotics. We think you deserve better than that. Our enhanced recovery-after-surgery program replaces those dated techniques with soft foods, standing or walking soon after surgery, and non-narcotic painkillers. It leads to stronger, faster recoveries, and fewer complications.

Spotlight on specialties

Take a look at some of the many areas of specialty care where our collaborative team approach helps us deliver better care and outcomes.

  • Cancer care

    Fingers using touchscreen of tablet showing digital scans of brain.

    Our 360-degree approach to cancer care starts with industry-leading screening rates — and includes access to groundbreaking clinical trials and talented multidisciplinary teams.

    Learn more about cancer care. external page

  • Cardiac care

    Three older woman walking on track while holding hand weights.

    How do you get to the forefront of reducing heart disease and stroke? With proactive screenings and innovative treatment techniques — and a lot of heart.

    Learn more about heart health. external page

  • Total joint replacement

    Physical therapist stretching leg of older patient.

    Our specialists can analyze data on more than 100,000 joint replacements performed by more than 350 Kaiser Permanente surgeons.3 With the nation’s largest joint registry, we’re promoting safer, more cost-effective surgeries.


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