Health care redefined

Better experiences, built for you

At Kaiser Permanente, our doctors, hospitals, and health plan push boundaries to deliver high-quality care without compromise. It’s all in pursuit of better experiences that fit your life: now, in the future, and every moment in between.

Leading the way for mental health

Wellness depends on a healthy head-heart connection. That’s why we’re working hard to put more care in more places by investing millions toward new mental health facilities, therapists, and on-demand support.

If you ever need treatment, we’ll work together to tailor your care plan based on your unique needs and goals.

Quality care for growing families

Thinking about adding to your family? With our highly trained doctors, private birthing suites, and support for breastfeeding and bonding, we’ll help you feel supported, empowered, and prepared for your new arrival. Plus, our team-based approach connects all your caregivers seamlessly, so nothing falls through the cracks — before your pregnancy, through delivery day, and beyond.

Good health, virtually anywhere

Break free from the brick-and-mortar. You have many ways to get care, so you can stay connected to your care team in more places than ever before.

Talk with your doctor by phone or video. Refill some prescriptions from your mobile app. Check lab results … wherever! When care is a call or click away, you’re skipping lines, saving time, and getting back to what you love.

Care that travels with you

Taking a trip? We make it easy to take it easy with hundreds of Kaiser Permanente medical facilities across the country. And because all our providers work together seamlessly on the same electronic health record, you get the best and most appropriate treatment no matter where we see you.

If you’re ever in a state without Kaiser Permanente facilities, you’re covered there, too. Visit a convenient walk-in clinic. Call us for 24/7 travel support. Or get urgent and emergency care anywhere in the world with built-in travel coverage — right from day one.

Questions about Kaiser Permanente’s care and coverage? Call a pre-enrollment specialist today at 1-800-324-9208, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time.