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Women's Health

Women's Health

Pregnancy and back pain

Back Pain Management During Pregnancy – Posture/Body Mechanics:

During the nine months of pregnancy, your body goes through many hormonal and physical changes.  Upper and lower back pain is a common complaint.  Good posture and proper body mechanics will help you to minimize these complaints and reduce the severity or frequency of this discomfort. This video will guide you to ways to promote proper body mechanics during and after your pregnancy. Watch the video >


Back Pain Management During Pregnancy – Exercise:

Gone are the days when pregnant women were told not to exercise.  Stretching and strengthening prevent most of the typical problems that occur during pregnancy.  We encourage a combination of aerobic, flexibility and strengthening exercises to stay healthy.  Here are 10 easy exercises to help strengthen your muscles, promote flexibility and help to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy. Watch the video >