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Women's Health

Women's Health

Your pregnancy

Congratulations! You are having a baby!

Creating a new life is a wondrous experience; there’s nothing else in life quite like the remarkable journey that awaits you.  Pregnancy is an exciting time as you prepare to welcome your baby into your growing family and into your heart.

We’re here to provide all the support you and your baby need throughout your pregnancy. At the heart of this support, is the partnership between you and your doctor. This partnership extends to other doctors, nurses, and many health care professionals who work together to make your pregnancy happy and healthy.

Seeing your health care partners on a regular basis can give you great peace of mind that things are going well and, if there is a problem, it can be spotted – and treated – early.

Track your baby’s growth week by week

Click on this link to learn what’s happening with your baby and your body week by week throughout your pregnancy. Click on this link to see your baby grow week …
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Prenatal questionnaire

In order to best take care of you and your baby during pregnancy, you and your provider will discuss important parts of your health history that may have some impact …
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Your pregnancy team

When you’re pregnant, you’re part of a team that includes you, your baby, and your health care team.  The primary members of your team may include: Your Obstetrician is a …
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Prenatal classes

We encourage you to take part in Kaiser Permanente’s health education program. We offer many diverse classes to help prepare you and your partner during your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, …
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Birth preference plan

Do you want pain medications during your labor and delivery?  Do you want to cuddle your baby skin-to-skin the minute after he or she arrives?  Do you want your partner …
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OB virtual tour

Having a baby is a wondrous experience. However, it can also be overwhelming to be in the hospital. It may help to take a tour of our warm and welcoming …
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Health and safety

Here are 5 great ways to have a healthy and safe pregnancy Keep all your prenatal appointments and testing Consider genetic testing Eat healthy Watch your weight gain Exercise
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Pregnancy and back pain

Back Pain Management During Pregnancy – Posture/Body Mechanics: During the nine months of pregnancy, your body goes through many hormonal and physical changes.  Upper and lower back pain is a …
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New baby checklist

Just as you protect your baby throughout your pregnancy, you’ll want to keep him or her just as safe and comfortable upon arrival. See our nursery equipment safety checklist to …
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WIC program

Concerned about the cost of good nutrition for yourself and your children? You may qualify for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutritional program and get financial assistance for basic healthy …
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