Women's Health

Women's Health

Health conditions and pregnancy

Many conditions that affect your health can affect your baby too. Getting these conditions under good control is vital for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Pay special attention to the following conditions:


Controlling your asthma is very important to your baby’s health. When your asthma is well controlled, it’s less likely that you or your baby will have problems. Asthma that’s not …
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Untreated depression can cause serious problems for you and your baby.  Depression can make you less likely to take good care of yourself during pregnancy. It could cause you to …
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Poorly controlled diabetes can put you and your baby at risk. You can lower these risks by keeping your blood sugar in good control before and during your pregnancy. Risks …
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Poorly controlled hypertension (high blood pressure) can put you and your baby at risk of serious problems. You can lower these risks by keeping your blood pressure under control before …
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Obesity can cause serious health problems for you and your baby. Risks to your baby Birth defects to the spinal column, brain, heart, and cleft lip Possible birth weight of …
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Seizure disorders

Seizures (also known as epilepsy) need to be carefully controlled during pregnancy to safeguard you and your baby. It’s especially important that you get on the right medication – some …
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Thyroid disease

There are two main types of thyroid disease: Hyperthyroidism (your body makes too much thyroid hormone) Hypothyroidism (your body makes too little thyroid hormone) It’s important to have your thyroid …
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