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Located on the corner of Marlton Avenue and Santa Rosalia Drive in the Marlton Square complex, the Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Medical Offices brings convenient access to high-quality primary and specialty care services for members who live and work in the Crenshaw community. This facility is a cutting-edge, four-story medical office building complete with LEED Gold certification. Approximately 60 world class providers treat our Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw members in technologically advanced exam rooms, equipped with the ability to conduct real time virtual consults with other Kaiser Permanente providers throughout the region.

As a part of our commitment to building healthy communities, our design of the 100,000-square-foot building includes a conference room and outdoor event space that is available to local community groups. We have also incorporated 2.5 acres of “green” space, including a contiguous, two-mile walk path. The Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Medical Offices is a part of the West Los Angeles Medical Center Service Area, which includes nearly 220,000 members.

The Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Medical Offices serves over 50,000 members in the neighborhood.

Click here for a fact sheet of our Baldwin Hills- Crenshaw Medical Offices.

Comprehensive Services 

To schedule an appointment, please call the Kaiser Permanente Appointment Line at 800-954-8000.

To contact the Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Offices please call 323-421-2200.

Proposed services for the Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Medical Offices include a full range of primary care and specialty services, including:

  • Adult Primary Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Behavioral Health
  • Dermatology
  • Nurse Clinic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Optometry
  • Vision Essentials (contact lens & eyeglass wear)
  • Health education classes*

*Some classes may require a fee.

Our Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Physician-In-Charge


Erique Emel, MD
Physician-in-Charge (PIC)
Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Offices, Pediatrics

Our Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Assistant Physicians-In-Charge


Kenneth Ross, MD
Assistant Physician-in-Charge (APIC)
Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Offices, Family Medicine



La Tanya Hines, MD
Assistant Physician-in-Charge (APIC)
Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Offices, Ob/Gynecology


Nicole Benitah, MD
Assistant Physician-in-Charge (APIC)
Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Offices, Ophthalmology

List of Physicians at Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Offices

Please visit for more information about KP physicians by location.

  • Kambiz Ashoorzadeh, MD
  • Alem Asrat, MD
  • Patrick Avanessian, MD
  • Elizabth Azinge, MD
  • Noah Bartfeld, MD
  • Ardalan Bazargan-Lari, MD
  • Brittaney Belyeu, MD
  • Nicole Benitah, MD
  • Alexander Bui, MD
  • Jacob Casey, MD
  • Garrick Chak, MD
  • Chienchi Chiu, MD
  • Manju Dawkins, MD
  • Shari Directo, MD
  • Adrienne Dow, MD
  • Erique Emel, MD
  • Ramez Ethnasios, MD
  • Nicole Feinberg, MD
  • Veronica Grijalva, MD
  • La Tanya Hines, MD
  • William Howell, MD
  • Joseph Huang, MD
  • Michael Hwang, MD
  • Anisha Judge, MD
  • Jeffrey Kaufman, MD
  • Christy Lai, MD
  • Pankaj Lal, MD
  • Monika Lee, MD
  • Eric Lee, MD
  • Brian Lee, MD
  • Benjamin Lin, MD
  • Jennifer Lin, MD
  • George Mallouk, MD
  • Patrica Mayorquin, MD
  • Justin Miyamoto, MD
  • Sam Moghtader, MD
  • Tikvah Myers, MD
  • Lamar Nelson, MD
  • Bryan Ney, MD
  • Megan Pearson-Cody, MD
  • Carolina Pena-Ricardo, MD
  • Kenneth Ross, MD
  • Daniel Sand, MD
  • Natalia Vlassova, MD
  • John Wang, MD
  • Robert Weingarten, MD
  • Job Wender, MD
  • Sha Sha Zhu, MD
  • Juan Zuberbuehler, MD