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Construction Timeline

Murrieta Medical Offices – Construction Milestones

Click here to view our construction cam.

Past Milestones

August 2017 – Landscaping

As the final touches are put on the building, it’s time to turn our attention to the grounds.

April 2017 – Exterior Nearing Completion

Nearly all of the exterior elevation has been completed. Work is continuing on the parking lot and storm drain retaining walls surrounding the building.

November 2016 – The Framework Takes Shape

At this stage the building begins to look like a building. Keep up to date on the progress of the construction with our construction cam.

April 2016 – Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking is the official kickoff of construction. Once the VIPs had their turn, the serious construction got underway.

Future Milestones

End of September 2017 – Substantial Completion
This is a very exciting milestone as it is when building construction is sufficiently complete so that the Owner can occupy or utilize the work for its intended use. This is when we will start moving in furniture, medical equipment, and begin onsite training for staff.

November 2017* – Grand Opening

*Schedule subject to change