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Orange County


Welcome to Kaiser Permanente Orthopedics in Orange County

Our Orange County orthopedics team is made up of 25 orthopedic surgeons and 19 physician assistants, as well as orthopedic technicians, medical assistants, and nurses. We provide care in a variety of specialty areas, including:

For your convenience, we have orthopedics departments at our Alton/Sand Canyon Medical Offices in Irvine, our Kraemer Medical Offices in Anaheim, and our Rehabilitation Pavilion in Orange. We perform inpatient and outpatient surgeries at both our Anaheim and Irvine locations.

Our specialists are highly trained in their fields and look forward to caring for you. We are referral based, so if you feel that you need to see us, please talk to your personal physician first.

Trauma/broken bones

Our Orange County trauma team offers trauma care at our Alton/Sand Canyon Medical Offices in Irvine, Kraemer Medical Offices, and our  Rehabilitation Pavilion in Orange. Surgeries are performed at our Irvine location. The team is led by three fellowship-trained orthopedic trauma specialists, who care for broken bones and other injuries in both outpatient and inpatient settings. They work together with internal medicine doctors to provide quality, timely, and compassionate care to our members.

Sports injuries

Our Orange County sports medicine team is located at both our Alton/Sand Canyon Medical Offices in Irvine, Kraemer Medical Offices, and our Rehabilitation Pavilion in Orange. It’s made up of seven fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeons who work together with physical therapists to deal with a wide variety of athletic injuries.

We provide educational classes for patients scheduled for surgery to help them understand what to expect after surgery.

Joint problems

Our Orange County joint repair team is currently located at our Alton/Sand Canyon Medical Offices in Irvine. For your convenience, we’ll be offering consultation and follow-up clinics at our Kraemer Medical Offices in Anaheim starting fall 2014. Led by five fellowship-trained joint surgeons, our joint replacement program has received many accolades, including:

  • The John M. Eisenberg Award for Patient Safety and Quality from The National Quality Forum and The Joint Commission in 2012
  • Selection in 2014 by the Pacific Business Group on Healthcare as one of four centers of excellence in the United States to provide joint replacement surgery for patients from around the country

We continuously strive to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Our goal is to restore your physical health to the best of our abilities so that you may continue to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Shoulder problems

Our Orange County shoulder repair team provides clinics and surgery at both our Alton/Sand Canyon Medical Offices in Irvine and our Kraemer Medical Offices in Anaheim. Led by two fellowship-trained shoulder surgeons, we specialize in rotator cuff repairs, clavicle fractures, and shoulder replacement surgeries. Combining physical therapy, pain management, and sports medicine, we provide coordinated care to our members. We also offer ultrasounds, injections, and educational classes to prepare our members for post-surgery care management.

Hand problems

Our Orange County hand surgery team is a group of six surgeons who specialize in upper extremities. Each of our hand surgeons has trained at internationally renowned institutions and is board certified. Several of our surgeons are engaged in cutting-edge research and others serve as editors of the Journal of Hand Surgery. We treat a wide range of hand problems. Our goal is to provide quality, compassionate care and restore function and range of motion to the best of our abilities.

Foot/ankle problems

Our Orange County foot and ankle surgery team is led by a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Using both nonsurgical methods and reconstructive surgery, we treat disorders of the ankle and foot, including deformities, arthritis, tendon disorders, and mechanical conditions that lead to pain and disability.

Pediatric orthopedics

Pediatric orthopedics is a subspecialty of orthopedics that cares for children with different types of bone and joint disorders. James Lau, MD, and Hillard T. Spencer, MD, are the two fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeons on our team. They specialize in the management of conditions like clubfoot, scoliosis, congenital hip dysplasia, cerebral palsy, broken bones, joint dislocations, leg length discrepancy, intoeing, bowlegs, and benign bone tumors. They use various treatment methods, including casting, bracing, therapy, and surgeries.