Orange County Surgical Services

Orange County Surgical Services


At Kaiser Permanente Orange County, it is our Surgical Services mission to create and sustain integrated patient-centered systems to ensure that every patient undergoing elective surgery in KPOC receives a high-service, high-quality experience that accelerates “Return to Health” after surgery.
This surgical experience supports patient care across all venues from the moment you are scheduled for surgery until fully recovered.

At Kaiser Permanente Orange County, we follow a set of patient-centered, evidence-based protocols that help reduce your body’s stress response to surgery and aid in a quicker recovery. It is called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery or ERAS.

ERAS consists of these four basic elements:

Drinking a Pre-operative Carbohydrate Drink

By drinking a carbohydrate drink (sports drink), you will stay hydrated, have more energy, and will recover faster after surgery.

Minimal Use of Narcotics

With fewer opioids and using other regimens to help with pain, you will experience less nausea and constipation and will have a decreased risk of developing an opioid dependence.

Walking Earlier

Walking earlier decreases the risk of developing blood clots or pneumonia after surgery and you will be able to return to normal activities faster.

Eating Earlier

Eating sooner will stimulate your gut, which encourages healing and a return to normal bowel activity.

The surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nursing team will work together to deliver a focused, team approach to help you prepare for your surgery. Engaging and partnering with our surgical team early is an important part of improving your post-surgery outcome. We hope to provide you an excellent surgical experience.