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Losing weight is about more than just taking the pounds off. It’s about changing your lifestyle to stay at a healthy weight.

Healthy Balance is a one-year lifestyle program. For the first 6 months, you’ll work on reaching your goals during 16 weekly group workshops. After that, you’ll have a monthly phone call with a personal lifestyle coach to help you stay on track.
See Healthy Balance Workshop Information for more details.

Whether you’re seeking to manage your weight, or want to engage in a healthier lifestyle, we have the tools you need to succeed. Why wait?

Daily Habits

Every person has different strengths, needs, and challenges. A healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with the right daily habits. We give you the tools to build mindfulness and the guidance to choose new behaviors.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is an important part of improving health and losing weight. Small changes can have a big impact. We can show you how to enjoy a healthy plate.

Getting Active

Movement from both daily activities and planned exercise routines can help you get to a healthy weight. Fitness can be fun! We offer practical ways to be active throughout your day. Not only will you feel better physically, but mentally as well.

Personal Coaching

Healthy Balance coaching by phone is available to support you during the program.

Prediabetes and Weight

The Healthy Balance program aims to support participants to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes to both reduce their weight and their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It’s also recognized as a National Diabetes Prevention Program by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about the Healthy Balance program.

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