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Southern California

Healthy Balance:

A Weight Management Program

Whether you’re seeking to manage your weight, or want to engage in a healthier lifestyle,
we have the tools you need to succeed. Why wait?

How It Works

Healthy Balance is a one-year lifestyle program. For the first 6 months, you’ll work on reaching your goals during 16 weekly group workshops. After that, you’ll have a monthly phone call with a personal lifestyle coach to help you stay on track.

Get Started

Contact your local Center for Healthy Living to get started! Click on Find A Workshop above to find out about Healthy Balance workshops near you.

Healthy Resources

The Healthy Balance program is based on three basic ideas for success: daily habits, healthy eating, and getting active. Here are some tools and information on each of these areas to support you on your weight loss journey.


"Psoriasis doesn’t own me anymore.” Christine joined Healthy Balance after talking to her dermatologist about how she could improve her psoriasis.

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