Our Genetic Counselors

Maria D’Addario, MS, LCGC

My Background

I was born in the Los Angeles area and was raised in Ventura County. Though I come from a musical family, my Dad encouraged my curiosity and interest in science. I attended Mt. St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles with the intention of becoming a nurse. As I was finishing up my Biochemistry degree, I volunteered in a genetics research laboratory at UCLA and was fortunate to meet their genetic counselor. I soon realized that my love of science, my desire to be of service, and an opportunity to speak with and educate patients were all realized in this career.

As part of my application to graduate school, I volunteered at a Kaiser hospice facility for about a year. It was a life-altering experience for a young woman. The experience of being with patients in their last days made me realize I needed to live a life of purpose, and I emerged from that experience a changed person.

Education & Experience

I attended the University of California, Irvine Genetic Counseling Program graduating with a Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling. Since that time, I have worked as a genetic counselor in many different capacities including providing genetic counseling through private labs, private physician’s offices, and county hospitals. I’ve also worked educating genetic counseling students and as an educator of physicians learning emerging genetic laboratory technologies.

I am so grateful to now be a part of Kaiser Permanente and have the privilege of serving patients.

About My Practice

I am the first completely remote genetic counselor at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. I work out of my home office and so when you call me, you get me directly. The bulk of my time is spent on the phone “seeing” patients for a variety of different genetic specialty areas including cardiology, prenatal and hereditary cancer genetics. I appreciate the opportunity to individualize each patient’s care and education to their specific needs.

How I Thrive

I thrive by donating my time and my energies to animal rescue, and fostering/rehabilitating dogs with a local cocker spaniel rescue group. I endeavor daily to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Having recently started a plant-based diet, you will find me in the kitchen figuring out new recipes and finding people to try them