Specialty Clinics

We also have specialized clinics to diagnose and treat inherited metabolic, neurological and renal disorders. The clinics are located at the Los Angeles Medical Center and welcome patients of all ages from throughout Southern California. The metabolic team also sees patients at the Fontana Medical Center once a month. Appointments to the specialty clinics are by referral only.

The Regional Metabolic Center is one of California’s recognized Centers of Excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of inherited metabolic disorders. We also conduct clinical research so we can provide the latest treatments and the best care for our members. Our multi-disciplinary center includes a biochemical geneticist, metabolic dietician, social worker, nurse case manager and a genetic counselor.

The majority of our patients are referred due to a positive test result for the California Newborn Screening Program which screens for over 79 different disorders, ranging in degrees of severity. When identified early, many of these conditions can be treated before they cause serious health problems. We also treat many other metabolic genetic disorders, such as the lysosomal disorders.

The Neurogenetics Clinic sees patients who have, or may have, inherited neurological and movement disorders. This is a multi-disciplinary clinic with a medical geneticist, an adult neurologist, a pediatric neurologist, a genetic counselor and a nurse coordinator.

The Renal Genetics Clinic sees patients with kidney diseases that are suspected to be inherited. This is a multi-disciplinary clinic with a medical geneticist, an adult nephrologist, a pediatric nephrologist, genetic counselor and a nurse coordinator.