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Once your coverage begins, set up your account at so you can privately and securely email your doctor’s office with routine questions, order prescription refills, view most lab results, and more, from your computer or mobile device, day or night. Have your Kaiser Permanente identification card handy.

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High-quality, personalized care starts with building a good relationship with your doctor. Find a doctor whose experience, gender, or spoken language matches your needs. Review our doctors’ profiles at to make your selection or call 888-956-1616 (dial 711 for TTY), weekdays from 7am to 7pm. A personal physician may have been courtesy assigned to you, but you may change it at any time for any reason. At your visit, your doctor may suggest some important preventive health screenings, like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and test for certain cancers. Be sure to discuss any special health needs and if certain conditions run in your family. This data will be entered into your electronic health record, which will help us personalize your care.

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Make it easy to obtain the medications you need by transferring your prescriptions. Simply give us a call at 888-956-1616 (dial 711 for TTY), weekdays from 7am to 7pm. Have your current pharmacy and prescription information ready.

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Schedule an appointment with your doctor’s office or talk to an advice nurse on the phone. We’re always here when you need us — in person, online, or by phone. Prior to your first appointment, complete the Patient Information Questionnaire (English/Spanish) and submit it.

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We’re always here to help. Call 888-778-5000 and say “new member” when prompted. You can download a PDF of the Member Guidebook here.