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Rethink your pharmacy refills

Our Mail Order Pharmacy will mail most prescriptions to you, saving you time.

Total Health Radio

Tune in to a free weekly podcast series that features Kaiser Permanente clinicians and subject matter experts discussing topics ranging from parenthood and nutrition to disease prevention and healthy sleep habits. Each podcast is 20-30 minutes long. Download the podcasts from iTunes and Stitcher.

Be in the driver’s seat with diabetes

While type 1 diabetes is largely hereditary, there are specific things you can do to help prevent type 2 diabetes. The most important thing is to manage your weight. Extra pounds affect how insulin works in the body, and that’s what leads to diabetes. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are the goal; Get tips and learn more.

Welcome To South San Francisco Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente has been providing health care in South San Francisco and its surrounding areas since 1949. Our medical center includes our hospital and several outpatient facilities. We hope you find this website informative and helpful in learning about the health care services we provide.

Ready. Aim. Smile!

You may be asked if you’d like to have your picture taken at our medical center and added to your secure electronic medical record. We want all our health care providers and staff to be familiar with you and make you feel welcome.  Seeing your photo helps us know you better before and during your visit, as well as during telephone appointment visits or when accessing secure email messages. (Please note that you cannot use this photo as a second form of ID when registering).