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Our Health Educators and Staff

Our Staff

Janice Parker, MPH – Director of Health Education Department
Janice received a Masters degree in Public Health at San Jose State University and has worked in the health field for many years.  She loves her job, and works enthusiastically to help members and employees live physically and mentally healthy lives by providing affordable, accessible wellness programs and services.

Sonia D. González, MA – Assistant Manager and Behavioral Health Coordinator
Sonia is the assistant manager of the health education department and the behavioral health coordinator, overseeing instructors and schedules of our behavioral health classes. She received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in 2006. Sonia has worked in the health education department since 1989.

Dea Cioflica, PhD. – Clinical Health Educator
Dea is a clinical health educator and teaches diabetes and heart health classes for the medicine department. She received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Antioch University in 1981 and her doctorate from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2000. She has been with Kaiser SSF since 2001 in her current position as Clinical Health Educator.

Juliet Venzon Rodriguez, BS – Senior Health Educator, Women Health and Prenatal Care
Juliet has been a part of the Kaiser Permanente family since 2000 as an educator for health promotion, and prevention.  She is a certified childbirth and lactation educator and is passionate about assisting women with addressing their health concerns.  On her free days, she enjoys spending time with her little girl as well as dancing hula and ballroom dance with her husband.

Tricia Brovelli, BS – Senior Health Educator, Health Promotion
Tricia graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science, and has been working at Kaiser Permanente since 2003. She has a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and loves to bring that through in her work as a health educator. She is devoted to inspiring Kaiser members to live their life to the fullest by achieving their optimal health.

Kimberly Franklin, BS – Clinical Health Educator
Kim is one of our clinical health educators and teaches diabetes and heart health classes for the medicine department.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education at California State University, Northridge and has worked with her current position since 2005.

Annette Parker, BA – Health Educator
Annette Parker has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She has worked in numerous areas in the health education field: event planning, marketing, promoting health to employer groups, assisting to implement a farmers’ market, and keeping employees healthy through employee wellness activities. She feels fortunate to have worked at Kaiser Permanente for eight years and looks forward to implementing future successful programs and services.

Jessica Ramirez – Program Assistant
Jessica has worked in the healthcare industry for over ten years and has done everything from cancer research to surgery scheduling.  In her current position at Kaiser Permanente, she has taught classes on KP on-line services, coordinated health and wellness events, and created health education documents.  She enjoys her ever changing duties and freedom to express herself.

Marjaneh Khostovan – Senior Health Education Assistant
Marjaneh has worked as a health education assistant for over five years and received a certificate of recognition for her valuable services. She assists in implementing programs, such as Weight Watchers at Work and financial seminars, to help employees be healthy and thrive.  She enjoys assisting members in accessing critical health and disease prevention materials that can help them live healthier more productive lives.

Cynthia Ferrusquia, BS – Clinical Health Educator
Cynthia graduated from San Francisco State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education and has worked in the health education department since that time. She is currently a health education assistant and also teaches diabetes and heart health classes in Spanish.  In her free time, she enjoys salsa dancing and reading.

Our Health Instructors

Tracie Pyers, MSW – Bereavement Support Group Leader
Tracie has been a Kaiser employee since 1998 where she began working in our Santa Clara facility as an on-call medical social worker. She worked in inpatient and outpatient settings and her duties included psychosocial assessment, discharge planning and problem-focused counseling. She then worked for Mission Hospice as a bereavement support group leader.

James Farwell, MA – Couples, Anger, Anxiety
Jim is a licensed marriage & family therapist and education psychologist. He has been in private practice working primarily with couples and was also a school psychologist in both Oakland and Richmond Unified School Districts. As a school psychologist, Jim supported special education, psycho-educational evaluations, provided crisis intervention around shootings, fires, and community violence in inner-city schools. He enjoys writing and photography and is a published author.

Traci Laeha – Certified Massage Therapist
Traci received her General Education degree at Skyline Community College. She received her massage therapy certificate from the National Holistic Institute and did her externship at the Makati Chiropractic Center in San Francisco. In her free time, Traci enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Margo Levi, LCSW – Parenting
Margo graduated from UC Berkeley with a Masters degree in Social Welfare. She is a psychotherapist specializing in teens, children, and families. Margo has worked as a staff clinician at the Kaiser, South San Francisco child psychology department for more than six years. However, she brings more than fifteen years of experience with children and families.

Mary Gutierrez, MFT – Spanish Depression
Mary worked for a San Mateo non-profit agency, Present Focys, for 19 years until she retired in 2008.  There, she worked with the Latino community and her specialty is facilitating parenting and couples groups. She also provided family counseling. Mary is bilingual and bicultural and received her degree from the Professional School of Psychology in San Francisco.

Kathleen Smith – Certified Massage Therapist
Kathleen provides hands-on massage therapy for our employees, members, and employees. She received her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Cal Berkeley and has studied various healing arts throughout the years. She owned her own art gift shop for 13 years and sells her art at fairs. Kathleen has been our massage therapist for the past 10 years. On a personal note, she has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She goes to Philippines annually for healings and healing experiences.

Trudy Bonincontro, MA – Assertive Communication, Anger, Anxiety
Trudy is a doctoral student at Argosy University completing her dissertation in Education with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology. She earned her Masters degree in Psychology at John F. Kennedy University is in the process of becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has been employed with Kaiser since 2005 and also teaches classes on psychology, early childhood education, and family consumer studies at San Jose/Evergreen Valley College District and at the University of California Extension, Santa Clara.

Lori McBride, CLE, IBCLC – Breastfeeding
Lori has taught breastfeeding classes in the community since 1995. Prior to becoming a lactation educator, she spent nine years teaching junior high students with learning disabilities.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare, a Masters degree in the Education of Exceptional Children, and teaching credentials.

Danielle Marone, MPA –Breastfeeding, Labor Preparation, Early Pregnancy, Newborn Care
Danielle started working in the maternal child health field in the early 90’s with rural midwives in the Peace Corps in Latin America.  She enjoys working with soon-to-be parents as they are about to embark on this always exciting adventure of parenthood.

Angelica Baez-Aranda, RN, BSN, IBCLC, LCCE – Labor Preparation, Early and Mid Pregnancy, Spanish Art of Conception
Angelica has been a nurse for eighteen years which her parents inspired her to become one. She has come to love education people and empowering them to become an advocate for their children and themselves.

Patty Lipinska – Health Educator, DONA International , Labor Preparation, Early and Mid Pregnancy, Newborn Care
Patty is a seasoned childbirth educator and doula and has been working as an educator since 1989.  She has been teaching childbirth prep at Kaiser Permanente Daly City since 2005 but has been a part of the KP family since 1992.  She loves helping parents through childbirth and teaching them skills to help them through a special time in their life.

Diana Meltsner – Certified Yoga Instructor, Prenatal Yoga, Mom and Baby Yoga
Diana has been teaching integral yoga-style hatha classes in the Bay Area since 2001. She has a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification. She has focused on the full spectrum of students and their needs. Her classes include prenatal and postnatal yoga, gentle yoga and all level of hatha yoga.

Angie Major, Ballroom Dance Instructor
Angie has been teaching ballroom, Latin dance, and swing since 1996.  She is certified to teach by the Terpsichore Association, the USISTD (the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) and DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dancers Association).  She loves sharing her joy of dancing with others.

Cathy Bottarini, RN, BSN – Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Public Health Nurse, Art of Conception
Cathy has been working at Kaiser Permanente since 2001 and in the health education department since 2007.  She is a passionate teacher and loves it when her members learn something valuable in her class.

Mahnaz Zahed – Doust, RN, BSN – Nurse Midwife, Successful Bladder Control
Mahnaz has been working as a nurse for 20 years and loves working in the field of Women’s Health.  She has worked in the OB/GYN department at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City before coming to work in Daly City.  She loves helping women and people in general.

Veronica Knott, RN, MSN, Ed D – Health Educator, Hot flashes, Hormones, and Health (Menopause)
Veronica is a retired Professor of Nursing and has taught for 30 years.  She loves imparting knowledge and watching people, especially women, broaden their horizons so they have more options and opportunities in their lives.

Bill Austin-White – Director of Touch Blue Sky’s Baby Sign Language Program, Baby Sign Language
Bill received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from University of California, Santa Cruz.  He facilitates baby sign language programs at Kaiser Permanente as well as other hospitals and parenting facilities around the Bay Area.  Bill is passionate about the benefits of signing with children and is the proud father of two hearing sons who both sign.

Roger Wallace – Training Center Coordinator, CPR for Parents of Infants and Toddlers
Roger is a retired firefighter (35 years) and a PR and first aid instructor since 1974. When he is not conducting courses, he manages 122 AHA BLS Instructors teaching over 10,000 healthcare provider students annually.  Roger personally teaches community and workplace CPR & first aid to about 2,500 students annually.

Christine Trost – Beginner’s Yoga
Chris has had her own yoga practice since 1990 and has been teaching in the tradition of BKS Iyengar since 2002. She encourages students with all degrees of experience to join her classes. Beginners are more than welcome. Chris’s classes will encourage you to observe your own boundaries, while encouraging you to go deep within realms of the body and mind.

Diana Meltsner – Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga
Diana Meltsner has been teaching integral yoga style hatha classes in the Bay Area since 2001. She has focused on the full spectrum of students and environments from children at schools to seniors in medical clinics. Her classes encourage mindfulness and lead towards experiencing inner peace and self discovery.

CK Jeong – Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kitchen Medicine
CK Jeong comes from a family with many physicians. He is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on preventative medicine. For over 18 years CK has been teaching in various Bay Area venues, including the Kaiser Northern Regional Center, South San Francisco, Daly City and Redwood City campuses.

Gloria Soliz – Freedom from Tobacco and Quitting Tobacco
Gloria Soliz is a certified tobacco treatment specialist who has facilitated smoking cessation classes for diverse populations in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991. Gloria, a Kaiser Health Educator, facilitates between 15 and 20 stop smoking classes a year along with workshops. She makes tobacco education presentations, works on tobacco control policies, and has coordinated statewide conferences. American Lung Association.

Geoffrey Suguitan – Fitness Instructor
Geoffrey graduated from San Francisco State University in 2002 with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science and Fitness. With and ACE Personal Training Certification, Geoffrey has been training and leading group exercise classes fro over 6 years. Geoffrey takes pride in leading and inspiring people to a healthier lifestyle.

Terri Neill – Fall Prevention
Terri is a principal of Senior Assist of the Peninsula, providing assistance to families met with the challenges of aging. She is a volunteer member of the San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force. She has taught Fall Prevention classes to over 25 senior groups in the county over the last four years and graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in Education.

Robin Lim-Healy – Pilates