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About Our Department

We provide a full range of eye health care services including eye exams, urgent eye care appointments, surgical procedures and screening for diabetic patients. In addition, we offer educational materials/seminars and specialty tests.

Our Staff

We offer a coordinated team approach to eye care. Our staff includes Ophthalmologists (MD), Optometrists (OD), Opticians, Technicians, Advice Nurses and support staff. You can call our receptionists to make an appointment, get a prescription refill, leave a message, or talk to an advice nurse.

In the Ophthalmology Department, appointments are made in several ways: on referral from a primary care provider or other providers, or as follow up to previous visits or surgeries; and, for new Kaiser Health Plan members, with a referral from outside Optometry or Ophthalmology providers. New Kaiser members can see Optometry first. If you do not already have a referral from your primary care provider, please call our appointment/advice line at 650-742-2100 to make an appointment with a general practitioner. To make an appointment in our sub-specialty department, please call 650-301-5800.