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Nutrition and Food Services

Nutrition and Food Services

Fresh Food Every Day

Our Nutrition and Food Services Department offers a wide variety of menu choices throughout the day, including vegetarian options, high fiber foods, and selections with less salt and fat, which contribute to the health and wellness of our patients. Some foods will be modified when your physician has ordered a therapeutic diet. This means you may be served a lower fat or lower salt food selection.

We are proud to offer you sustainably-grown, organic and/or local vegetables from small family farms when available. In addition, we serve sustainable cage-free eggs which are lower in fat and cholesterol, milk and yogurt that are free of added hormones, and beef burgers and chicken breasts from animals that were raised without antibiotics.

Please speak with our Nutrition team if you have any questions regarding your meal selections.

Partnership for a Healthier America

Kaiser Permanente and its 38 hospitals teamed up with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to deliver healthier options for patients, guests and employees throughout its facilities.

Please consider selecting one of the PHA Wellness Meals offered daily on our menu.