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Kaiser Permanente Northern California Kidney Stone Prevention Program

This site is dedicated to the prevention of recurrent kidney stones.

As you know, having kidney stones can be a very painful condition and result in urgent trips to the doctor’s office or emergency room, loss of work and occasionally, serious surgical procedures and hospitalization. Unfortunately, kidney stones will recur repeatedly in most patients with a history of kidney stones who do not make changes. Fortunately, simple dietary changes can dramatically lower your risk of recurrent stones.

This site focuses mainly on diet which is the greatest factor in preventing kidney stones.

With the information on this site you can take charge of your future and prevent the recurrence of this painful and troubling condition.
The information on this site has been contributed, reviewed and updated by multiple physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, surgeons and other experts who are dedicated to providing you with the best and latest information with the ultimate goal of preventing further kidney stones.

Please explore the site to obtain the latest information.

Thank you,
The Kidney Stone Prevention Team